Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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hello there....brought to u ..from korea..BIG BANG...

Big Bang is a brand new 5-member group recruited by the YG Family. A 10-part documentary, aired on a cable TV channel, shot the band into the spotlight and helped them gain attention in the Kpop scene.
he members of the band are all talented performers; from vocals and rap to dance and songwriting, Big Bang filled its debut album with music created by the members themselves. G.DRAGON and T.O.P wrote the lyrics of their debut single. All 5 members of the band will not take part in each song; each member of the band will choose the songs that best showcase their talents. G.DRAGON and T.O.P., who both excel in rap, will perform “We Belong Together” and the R&B ballad “A Tearful Fool” will be performed by Tae-yang, Dae-sung and Seung-ri.


Real name : Kwon Ji-yong
Date of birth : August 18th, 1988
Physique : 170cm, 54kg
Education : Traditional Arts Middle School
Hobbies : Drawing, listening to music
Talents : Rap, dance, beat box, songwriting

Real name : Dong Young-bae
Date of birth : May 18th, 1988
Physique : 170cm, 56kg
Hobbies : Playing basketball, listening to music, watching TV
Talents : Rap, dance

Real name : Lee Seung-hyun
Date of birth : December 12th, 1990
Physique : 174cm, 57kg

Real name : Kang Dae-sung
Date of birth : April 26th, 1989
Physique : 173cm, 62kg
Education : Kyung-in High School

Real name : Choi Seung-hyun
Date of birth : November 4th, 1987
Physique : 180cm, 65kg
Education : Seoul Arts College
Talents : Rap, beat box, songwriting


hanna aizawa said...

i luv BIG BANG...

yeah luv GD hubby... hik3

Bee Bee World said...

ahhaha..aku taw..i luv big bang gak...hahahaha


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